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CONSERVED WOMEN is a conceptual work that I carried out from the idea of not only bringing the issue of women artists into the history of art, but also suggesting a contemporary situation of confinement. Muffled voices, exposed bodies.Modernist artists were restricted to "decent" subjects for their painting. Still life, domestic scenes, portraits, parks. For male artists, free space; bars, cafes, brothels. And the woman's body, often naked, a theme that they explored quite a lot. Amrita Sher-Gil, Frida Kahlo, Paula Modersohn-Becker, Tarsila do Amaral...

Strong, bold, talented women. Some have been smothered for years. Artist women still suffer from the residual misogynist heritage of the art field. 6 self-portraits and a portrait of reputable female artists were painted in miniature, accommodated on an easel and "guarded" inside preserve jars. This collection is composed of a self-portrait of mine. Currently, 8 women are preserved in his paintings.


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