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My Little Portrait


This project started from a gift I made for my godson for Children's Day.

So the idea of ​​offering custom portraits to anyone who wanted them came up. Who wouldn't love receiving a portrait as a gift?

The portraits are made from a photographic image of the person.

The portraits follow the examples shown here in the portfolio, with my free interpretation of the image.

More than a realistic image, my goal is to deliver a piece of art.


October 12th is celebrated as Children's Day in Brazil. On this day in 2023, I decided to give my 5-month-old godson a drawing, his portrait. I haven't had the chance to see my godson in person yet, so I took a photo of him and started making a portrait of him.

The result was beautiful and graceful, like him, and I realized that many people liked the gift I made for Lorenzo.
Anyone who wants an artistic portrait can now order it from me.


Additional Information

The art works are made with pastel on paper and the size is 32 x 24 cm
The drawings do not come framed.

For this project, the artist's signature was reduced to "Si".

Price: EUR 200,00

📬Free shipping to Germany.

For countries outside Germany, additional shipping costs will apply in accordance with the values established by Deutsche Post.

Contact me for orders and more information.

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